A Woke Medical Doctor Was Asked Point Blank: What is a Man? His Answers Were Stunning

Animals know a male when they see one. Same goes for a female.

Are human beings losing that ability?

One doctor has lost it.

As I covered Monday, noted anti-Trump physician Eugene Gu got wedgied on Twitter over his claim that “men can get pregnant and have abortions” (here).

How about the most woke people in America have a meeting over what defines male and female; and how about they have it naked?

It should be a short meeting.

Eugene had posted the following:

Subsequently, conservative writer Matt Walsh asked the good doctor a simple question:

Here’s what the medical man had to say:


Matt tried again:

It’s quite the doggone thing when, in a nation founded upon free speech, the strangling cultural Marxism of wokism has made a doctor — a doctor, for Pete’s sake — afraid to say there is such a thing as a man.



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Author: Alex Parker

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