VIDEO: High School Students Give Autistic Classmate Graduation Ceremony ‘Miracle’

A high school graduation can be a loud, celebratory atmosphere with students and families cheering as names are called and graduates are handed their diploma’s. For a student with autism that has sensory issues, this could be a nightmare. At a high school in New York, they created a graduation atmosphere in which he would be comfortable to receive his diploma.

Here’s what Principal Lou Riolo said with a video of the event posted on YouTube:

An amazing thing took place at Carmel High School’s graduation. One of our students Jack Higgins was presented with his diploma. Jack graduated after 8 years. He is a wonderful member of our student community. Jack has autism and with that comes sensory issues. At graduation the student body and several thousand individuals were asked to not clap or cheer so Jack could participate. What followed was nothing short of a miracle. We shot for the moon but instead reached the stars.

Congratulations to the Carmel High School class of 2019. For graduating, sure, but mostly for being good humans. That’s far more important.

Watch Jack graduate here, and have the tissues handy, because you’re definitely going to get the feels:

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Author: Amelia Hamilton

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