Preserving our Constitutional Republic:

In 2016, fellow patriots around the USA voted out the globalist regime to install Donald J. Trump as president. Since the election, the progressive liberal machine has escalated their efforts to remove our duly elected POTUS from office. In addition, their message of division, hate, racism and violence is being broadcast incessantly in an attempt to install their agenda to all elected offices throughout our country.

As people who love our country and traditional conservative principles, we can no longer stand idle or on the sidelines. We have decided to bring our collective expertise to bear in the fight to preserve liberty and freedom.

This website is just a small part of our efforts for effective action to preserve our Republic. The goal of the website is to aggregate news, provide a platform for distributing opinion articles, videos, and other conservative messages.

Supporting Our Veterans and Active Duty Military

The United Free is a proud active member of an extensive network of veterans and conservatives who genuinely care about and support our veterans and active duty military personnel.

Supporting Conservative Candidates

We spend a lot of time performing research, creating twitter videos and animated ads for Republican candidates, as well as knocking on doors to talk about relevant issues with voters.

Feel free to share by contributing OP-ED articles, helping this effort by sharing our content to social media or any other way that you feel compelled to join or help the fight.


Jason Evans

TheUnitedFree Media LLC.